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This Month on Maction Planet – February 2024

February is typically the quietest month on Maction Planet in terms of tours, but that just means we’re at 80% capacity instead of 100% capacity! Of course, the remaining time is spent on the trip planning we have been commissioned to do for later in the year… and to prepare for Hanami season. What better […]

Celebrating Seven Years of Maction Planet: A Journey of Growth, Unity and Large

Maction Planet, the top-rated boutique operator specializing in custom travel in Japan, is thrilled to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its website, To mark the day, here is a special message from Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet. Today marks a significant milestone in the journey of Maction Planet – the seventh […]

This Month on Maction Planet – January 2024

I am predicting that 2024 will be the most visited year for Japan in human history. How did we begin this historic period in the land of the rising fun? Let’s find out! SPOILER ALERT: It was our busiest January ever! Featured Image: The Mori Art Museum is holding ‘Our Ecology: Toward a Planetary Living’, […]

This Month on Maction Planet – December 2023

2023 has been emotional. Maction Planet was the busiest it has ever been, exceeding even 2019 levels. How did we round out the year? Let’s find out! Featured image: I began the month at Sanrio Puroland with Renata and Jaime. A fun day was had by all. I was impressed by their kumade – the […]

This Month on Maction Planet – November 2023

After the excitement of the Rugby World Cup 2023, which I attended in September and October in France, in was straight back into it for a packed November. How packed? Guiding every day for at least 12 hours per day! Here’s my attempt to distil the fun, energy and adventure into one blog post! Featured […]

This Month on Maction Planet – October 2023

September and October 2023 are very special months on Maction Planet as Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide, is attending the entirety of the 2023 Rugby World Cup – from the opening game to the final! Along the way, he’ll be at all the Japan group games. But enough of this third-person blurb; let’s find […]