Japan Experiences

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Alongside our world-renowned tours, Maction Planet is proud to offer a curated set of authentic experiences in Tokyo and across the country. 

Maction Planet Japan Experiences are one-of-a-kind activities designed and hosted by local experts who love where they’re from and what they do. Each provides unique access, and many are exclusive to Maction Planet. 

Unlike a typical tour or workshop, our experiences go beyond the activities themselves. They offer a deep-dive into Japanese culture. Our guides and experience leaders offer their guests special knowledge, unique skills, and inside access to local places and communities, building enduring bonds and prized memories.

What sets a Maction Planet Japan Experience apart?

  • Access: Behind-the-scenes access to people, places, and activities that you couldn’t typically find on your own.
  • Perspective: Our experiences are personal; they tell our story and immerse you in our world. They offer a unique take on something special.
  • Participation: Be a player, not an observer. 
  • Passion: World-renowned for our enthusiasm, our guides and experience providers are passionate, knowledgeable and highly-skilled.
  • It’s yours: Best of all, everything at Maction Planet is private, personalised and full-customised. You can combine Maction Planet experiences with our tours or with Maction Planning: our Bespoke Japan Trip Planning.  

Some of our Japan Experiences

Tea Ceremony: Our tea ceremony experience is without a doubt one of the most exclusive in Tokyo, so far off the beaten track that even in Japanese the address of the teahouse is not available!

Ikebana lessons: Feel the beauty of the seasons of Japan through ikebana. Enjoy and Create your unique flower arrangement under our expert instructors.

Cooking Classes: Maction Planet offers private, intimate Japanese cooking classes in Tokyo, Kyoto and beyond.

Sumo Training: Get up-close and personal with these incredible warriors as they participate in their daily Sumo practise. 

Samurai Experiences: Wield weapons reserved for the samurai. Different experiences are available in Tokyo and Kyoto. 

Whisky Tastings: Tokyo is the perfect place to discover the Japanese whisky scene. Discover the ‘water of life’ on our Tokyo Whisky Tours

Craft Beer Experiences: dive deep into the beer scene of the World’s Greatest Metropolis on our Maction Planet Tokyo Craft Beer Tours.

Shochu Sampling: Learn about Japan’s secret spirit from one of the world’s leading experts on your private Shochu tour!

Sake Tasting: Get underneath the skin of nihonshu, Japan’s official national drink on our sake tastings, tours and experiences

Japanese Baseball: A visit to Jingu Stadium on one of the Maction Planet Tokyo Baseball Tours is one of the true highlights of a trip to The World’s Greatest Metropolis. Enjoy the spectacle that makes Japanese baseball the most enjoyable baseball to watch anywhere on Earth! If you love sport, enjoy Football and Rugby with us too. 

Boat Tours: Experience Tokyo from the water on our Tokyo Boat Tours for the discerning traveller. 

Karaoke: Sing like the star you are with our Karaoke Experiences!

The highlighted experiences are truly the tip of the iceberg. Contact us with your requirements. More interested in college baseball than the professional game? Fancy a magical evening with a private Sanshin (traditional string instrument) concert in your hotel room? Maction Planet can ensure that your time in Japan is truly the trip of a lifetime.

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