Photography in Tokyo

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Photography in Tokyo: A Photogenic Paradise

Tokyo is a dream destination for photographers. It is almost like the city has been consciously designed with the camera in mind through the juxtaposition of old and new – the gleaming modern architecture side-by-side with ancient temples; traditional dress mingling with cosplay kids and salarymen; serene gardens amid the urban jungle… the list of contrasts is almost endless. Photography in Tokyo can’t help but be inspiring.

Whether you are after photography lessons in Tokyo, looking to maximise your photo ops or you just want to relax and enjoy your day in the World’s Greatest Metropolis while we document your holiday of a lifetime, we can help. We even provide a DSLR rental service!

Tokyo Photography Tours

Of course, every Maction Planet tour is a photo tour. However, we know some of our guests like to focus on getting those perfect snaps in. Whether you are a professional, keen amateur or just want the Instagram Tour of Tokyo, we know where to go to maximize your photo ops at the most picturesque, electric and exciting spots on and completely off the beaten path, day and night!  

Tokyo Photography Lessons

Looking to sharpen your skills with photography in Tokyo? Maybe you are an absolute novice and are looking for some advice on how to get the most out of your new DSLR? Perhaps you are an advanced photographers in need of specialised instruction. Whatever level you are at, we can help. Maction Planet works with some of Tokyo’s most renowned photographers to ensure a memorable day sharpening your skills amid the cityscapes of Tokyo.

Tokyo Photo Shoots

Just got married and want the perfect Tokyo wedding photos? Want the perfect photos of you in your kimono around the city’s shrines, temples and gardens? Cosplaying as your favourite character against the backdrop of the World’s Greatest Metropolis? Photo shoots can take place in a studio, or we can take it to the streets.

Mac’s Insider Insights: Learn and Shoot

As with everything we do at Maction Planet, your Tokyo Photography Tour is also a history, culture, architecture, food and drink tour as you journey through different districts and begin to understand the fabric of the city as seen through your lens.

Don’t let the feeling that you need to have incredible cameras and expensive equipment stop you from getting out there – take a look at these blog posts of the Cosmos flowers and Plum Blossom, with photos taken by me as I toured with my guests, to see what you can capture with just your smartphone!

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