Tokyo Night Tours

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Tokyo is impressive during the day, but after dark it really comes alive. The neon, the people and the energy are hallmarks of Tokyo nightlife, but so are the quiet backstreets in secret neighbourhoods with off-the-beaten-track bars and restaurants. Join our expert after-dark Tokyo guides as they take you to local Tokyo hotspots. Our Tokyo Night Tours complement our day tours, with many of our guests engaging us for 12 hours plus so things seamlessly flow from day to night. 

Our evening tours will immerse you in the culture, cuisine and cocktails of Tokyo after dark – a once-in-a-lifetime experience! All tours are hosted by a Tokyo insider and expert concierge who facilitates the highest quality experience. Here are some ideas for a fun (and knowledge) filled evening in the World’s Greatest Metropolis with Maction Planet:

Drinks: Drink and mingle where the real Tokyoites hang out in Tokyo’s hippest bars on a curated night out. Maction Planet takes customers to a variety of the city’s most happening neighbourhoods where cocktail lounges, exceptional mixology, beautiful decor and top DJs make for a perfect night.  

Food: Great restaurants can be found everywhere in Tokyo. Whether you want to be part of the crowds in a happening izakaya, or enjoy an intimate experience in the backstreets of Tokyo, our Tokyo Food Tours can be run day or night. 

Whisky Tastings: Tokyo is the perfect place to discover the Japanese whisky scene. Discover the ‘water of life’ on our Tokyo Whisky Tours as we taste rare and refined whiskies in some very special spots.  

Craft Beer Experiences: Dive deep into the beer scene of the World’s Greatest Metropolis on our Maction Planet Tokyo Craft Beer Tours. Our connections with some of the best bars and breweries make our tours an extra-special way for a beer connoisseur to spend a precious night out in Tokyo.

Shochu Sampling: Learn about Japan’s secret spirit from one of its leading experts on your private Shochu tour! Christopher Pelligrini, the world-renowned shochu sommelier, takes you on a Maction Planet-exclusive journey through one of the country’s best-kept secrets. 

Sake Tasting: Get underneath the skin of nihonshu on our sake tastings, tours and experiences. Enjoy an evening learning about and sampling Japan’s official national drink.

Japanese Baseball:  A visit to Jingu Stadium on one of the Maction Planet Tokyo Baseball Tours is one of the real highlights of a trip to The World’s Greatest Metropolis. Enjoy the spectacle which makes Japanese Baseball the most enjoyable baseball to watch anywhere on Earth!

Clubbing: Join us in the legendary Shibuya, Shinjuku and Roppongi districts to experience the energetic side of Tokyo nightlife. If you want to get off-the-beaten-track let us know and we can head to some of the most exciting lounges in the city, with spirited beats from Japan’s best DJs. 

Music: One of our many goals is to open up Tokyo’s diverse music culture to visitors. Concerts, gigs, club nights across every conceivable genre, homegrown, traditional, modern and internationally-influenced… the variety is outstanding. Whether you want to crack Tokyo’s famous jazz scene or experience a live set from an artist you heard on Maction Planet Radio, let us know!  

Family tours: Join us for sunset and then admire the glamorous lit-up Tokyo skyline after which we’ll journey to some of the most fun neighbourhoods in Tokyo, whatever your interests. Anime, manga, arcades and energy can all be experienced – fun for all  on our family-friendly Tokyo Night Tours!  

Architecture: After-dark is an excellent time to view the majestic and exotic building clusters shimmering in Tokyo, magnificently lit up. Learn about the people behind the designs – superstar architects Tadao Ando, Toyo Ito, Kenzo Tange and SANAA – as we journey around some Tokyo’s hippest neighbourhoods on our nighttime Tokyo Architecture Tour.  

Karaoke: Sing like the star you are with our Karaoke Experiences! We can grab some food and drinks before hitting the mic, or do an entire evening of karaoke. 

Shopping: Discover the shopping options available at night in the glitzy Tokyo districts on our Tokyo Shopping Tours, whether that’s top international and Japanese brands or the boutiques and petite designer stores that populate the hippest neighbourhoods. 

Culture: Cultural enthusiasts can find theatre, kabuki, classical and contemporary music in Tokyo. Join us to tour off-the-beaten-track temples and shrines at night or check out a local festival. For the truly discerning traveller, contact us to arrange private viewings at museums and art galleries.  

Night Photography: Whether you are after Photo Tours, Photo Lessons or Photo Shoots, Maction Planet’s Photography Experiences have you covered. Take your night photography to the next level, or have your evening documented by our professional Tokyo nightlife photographers! 

Experience the world-famous Tokyo nightlife on our Tokyo Night Tours! Whether you are here with your family, friends or partner or just looking for a night out after work, make sure you don’t spend your evenings just hanging out in your hotel. We’ll show you what the Tokyo locals do. And remember, everything at Maction Planet is fully customised. Combine all of the above and much more for your perfect, personalised time in the World’s Greatest Metropolis. 

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