Tokyo Shopping Tours

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Shopping: Hunt for the treasures of Tokyo

Come with us on one of our personalized Tokyo Shopping Tours! Tokyo has been one of the most popular shopping destinations for international trendsetters for many years. Whether you want to discover the luxurious side of Tokyo’s designer scene with our upscale personalized tour, or discover the flea markets and retro stores in the untouristed suburbs, Maction Planet offers a variety of tours perfect for all desires, and we can accommodate groups large and small.

Our tours are designed to provide tailored shopping opportunities, as well as an illuminating and interesting day out in Tokyo. And, unlike many other tour companies, we do not take commission from any shops we visit.

Even if some members of your party may not enjoy shopping, this is more than just a shopping tour! Maction Planet’s core philosophy is that we do not believe in the ‘compartmentalisation of tourism’. Just because you have signed up for one of our Tokyo Shopping Tours, that does not mean you will only be shopping. We make sure you experience the history, culture, architecture and food of The World’s Greatest Metropolis. Your Tokyo shopping tours can be combined with any other interests you want to explore in Tokyo.

For our guests, we offer a unique personal shopping service. Want something you saw on your trip here… but aren’t making the trip back to Tokyo just yet? We can help!

Highlights of the shopping experience include…


  • You don’t know the meaning of retail therapy until you’ve shopped in Tokyo. Whether you are looking for brand goods in Ginza and Omotesando, the boutiques of Urahara, Daikanyama and Nakame or stores with very little or no English-language information, we can help you find what you are looking for. Tokyo is also a retro clothing mecca. Ever wanted to see a pair of jeans from the 1920s? We know where to go!
  • And remember, Maction Planet Apparel T-shirts make great souvenirs too!  

Books and Music

  • Tokyo is a book lover’s dream – be it antique books, amazingly design bookshops, and niche stores with collections created by obsessive enthusiasts. The city also has the world’s largest stock of CDs and DVDs, and the record stores have incredible stocks of vintage vinyl.
  • One of the great things about music shopping in Tokyo is the wide range of genres available that can be very hard to find in other cities. As many music lovers know, Japanese pressings have been superior to those from anywhere else. Apart from the better sound quality, many are also packaged with all sorts of surprises – posters, bonus tracks, sticker sets and other extras – that make them highly sought after.

Traditional Crafts

  • Tokyo is the place to find boutiques and workshops of artisans of both traditional and modern Japanese crafts.
  • From pottery, lacquerware and carving knives for your everyday needs to more esoteric washi (paper products), calligraphy and other brushes, and other cultural gems.

Mac’s Insider Insights for our Tokyo shopping tours

You won’t worry about weaving in and out of Tokyo’s back alleys and side streets to find the best boutiques. You won’t get lost in large department stores. Mac is an experienced Tokyo shopper who will guide you every step of the way toward what you want, so you can relax and shop at your pace, in comfort!