Tokyo Sake Tastings, Tours and Experiences

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Discover Sake in its native land

Sake is one of the true signature products from the Land of the Rising Sun. Sake literally means ‘alcohol’ in Japanese but in the West, Sake is mainly referred to as ‘Nihonshu’. Commonly translated as Japanese rice wine, the production process of this unique alcohol has more in common with beer than it does with grape wine. Experience this most Japanese of drinks with our Tokyo Sake Tastings. 

Come with us on a journey through Japanese culture as you experience the diverse and surprising world of sake here on its home turf.

We offer a number of ways to enjoy and learn about this amazing indigenous drink. As with all of our experiences, a Sake Tasting or Tour can be easily incorporated into your fully-customised Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour.

Tokyo Sake Tastings

If you want to try a number of sakes and learn about the diversity of styles and taste, you’ve come to the right place. We have intimate knowledge of the bars, izakayas and specialist sake-ya which have the best sake selections in the city. We can include Tokyo Sake Tastings as part of Iconic Tokyo tours, Backstreets of Tokyo Tours or after a day of enjoying Tokyo’s art scene. We have even conducted sake tastings as part of our Tokyo Baseball Tours!  

For those wishing to dig deeper into the craft, we can arrange evenings with licensed sake sommeliers. And for those who want to cast their net wider, we haved worked with one of the world’s leading Shochu experts, Christopher Pellegrini, to develop a specially-curated program of sake, shochu and craft beer to allow you to sample the full spectrum of Japan’s alcoholic bounty.

Sake Brewery Tours

Tokyo and its neighbouring prefectures are home to a number of sake breweries with a rich history and tradition, set in spectacular surroundings. Discover how sake is made, and enjoy tastings of fresh nihonshu on site. A trip to one of these breweries can make a great day away from the bustle of central Tokyo. We make sure you experience the surrounding area, and stop off on the the way to sample local restaurants, or visit a quirky museum or two. You can combine your visit with our hiking tours, and can even offer sake brewery tours as part of a stopover from Narita Airport! With Maction Planet, the language barrier need not be an obstacle to a truly unique cultural experience.

Local Sake events

Helping guests truly experience “What the Tokyo Locals do” is a Maction Planet speciality. Thanks to our strong relationship with a number of industry bodies, sake breweries and rural farms we can help you access industry events and local festivals not aimed at tourists. Rice harvesting, sake shikomi (sake preparation), meetings with master brewers or celebrations for the first sake of the new year. Let’s us help you experience Tokyo in the most bespoke way possible – the Maction Planet way. 

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