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Deep dive into Tokyo’s diverse and ever-changing music scene on our Maction Planet Tokyo Music Tours!

One of our many goals is to open up Tokyo’s diverse music culture to visitors, which can be difficult to crack due to the language barrier and the sheer breadth and depth of the scene. Concerts, gigs, club nights across every conceivable genre, homegrown, traditional, modern and internationally-influenced… the variety is outstanding. In most cases there is no English-language information available for these fantastic events, and that is where Maction Planet Tokyo Music Tours can help.

Our Tokyo Music Tours introduce he varied range of music in this amazing city, telling all the tall tales from the Summer Sonic to Fuji Rock Festival and beyond. Covering enka to drum-n-bass, J-pop to jazz, past to present, our tours trace the people, venues and gigs that made Tokyo’s music. Tokyo’s diverse music joints have always played a vital part in fuelling the city’s creative sonic boom. Our tours can introduce you to the city’s most notable landmarks and hip hangouts of the current musical fraternity, bringing alive the stories of the legendary performers who have stayed, played, and made music in the World’s Greatest Metropolis. 

Tokyo Music Tours by enthusiastic music fans

Our guides plug you into the city’s thriving music scene. They are enthusiastic music fans, performers and writers who are immersed in Tokyo’s cultural life. They have been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. Knowledgeable and immensely proud of Tokyo, they are keen to recommend record stores, music shops and bars where Tokyo’s music life can be enjoyed. 

Some examples include:

Good tour managers know that a well-fed band is a happy band. We can explore Tokyo’s food and drinks scene while on your journey. Like everything we do, your Tokyo Music Tour can be fully customised around the rest of your time touring The World’s Greatest Metropolis, where everything old is new again! 

Mac’s Insider Insights: Tokyo ON

A sign of our commitment to educating people about Japanese music is that we are the only Japanese Private Tour company with our own radio station! That’s right, Maction Planet Radio brings you the sounds of the World’s Greatest Metropolis on our flagship show Tokyo ON, hosted by Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong. Listen to every episode and all our special mixes here, and check out our sister site devoted to Japanese music,  

We look forward to sharing and creating memories together. Whatever your interests, drop us a line at and let us help you have a truly unique time in The World’s Greatest Metropolis, and beyond.

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