Who is Mac?

Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide, is a Brit who has been living in Tokyo since 2006.

Of the 108 countries which Mac has visited, Japan remains top of his list. In terms of his favourite cities, Tokyo is at the top of that! “Tokyo is truly The World’s Greatest Metropolis”, he says. And, as guests from all over the world will testify to, he really believes it.

Mac lives in Ebisu, recently voted Tokyo’s coolest neighbourhood. Friends say it is entirely appropriate, given he runs highly-rated Craft Beer Tours, that he has ended up living in the one Tokyo neighbourhood named after a beer!

Mac’s love affair with Japan began in 2002 as he used all of his annual holiday for that year to come to Japan and follow England around during the World Cup. Falling head over heels for the place, he returned home vowing that one day he would come to live here and sure enough, he was able to fulfill his dream in 2006.

For over a decade, Mac has been a respected analyst and commentator on Japan, the culture and the economy, tackling subjects as diverse as The Tokyo Yakult Swallows Baseball Team to the impact of negative interest rates. He has been frequently quoted in the media, and has been featured in Reuters, The New York Times The Japan Times, The (London) Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, The Financial Times and SNL, amongst others.