Celebrating Seven Years of Maction Planet: A Journey of Growth, Unity and Large

Maction Planet, the top-rated boutique operator specializing in custom travel in Japan, is thrilled to celebrate the seventh anniversary of its website, www.mactionplanet.com. To mark the day, here is a special message from Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet.

Today marks a significant milestone in the journey of Maction Planet – the seventh anniversary of the launch of mactionplanet.com. It’s an occasion that fills me with immense pride, gratitude, and a touch of nostalgia as I reflect on the years that have sculpted us into the top-ranked independent Bespoke Japan Travel business you’ve come to love and trust.

2023 stands out in our collective memory not just as a landmark year but as a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the spirit of exploration. It was our first full year post the COVID-19 pandemic, an era that challenged and pushed us to reimagine the essence of travel and connection. Our ‘pandemic pivots’ of guiding locals, online cooking classes, travel consulting and writing, and the launch of Kanpai Planet, our Japan drinks content platform, were all testament to that. The pandemic was a detour on our journey, but it led us to unexpected revelations about the strength of our community and the boundless potential of creativity in adversity.

I am overjoyed and humbled to share that 2023 was our biggest year ever. More tours, more experiences, more planning, and more everything! This achievement isn’t just a number – it’s a mosaic of every tour guest, every laugh, every awe-inspiring moment, and every culinary experience shared together.

Amidst this celebration, I’m also thrilled to acknowledge another important milestone – the third anniversary of Kanpai Planet, our dedicated Japan drinks content platform. Born from a passion for exploring Japan’s dynamic beverage landscape, Kanpai Planet has grown into a thriving community of enthusiasts united by a love of Japan’s drinks. This dual celebration symbolizes the convergence of our ventures and the diverse ways in which we connect with and celebrate Japanese culture. As the platform has grown, so has the scale of what we can deliver – the most recent example being the two Chichibu tours that I headlined on behalf of the local tourism authorities.

None of this would have been possible without you – our former tour guests and members of the Maction Planet (and Kanpai Planet) communities. Your curiosity, enthusiasm, and love for Japan have been the driving force behind our endeavours. You’ve placed your trust in us to deliver unique, personal, and memorable experiences, and it’s been our greatest privilege to guide you through the captivating streets, the hidden gems, and the profound cultural richness of Japan.

I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who has been part of our journey over the last seven years. To our partners and collaborators who have worked alongside us to create unforgettable moments, to the local communities who have welcomed us with open arms, and to the friends we’ve made along the way – thank you. Your support, feedback, and camaraderie have enriched our mission and fueled our passion for delivering excellence.

As we celebrate seven years of Maction Planet and three years of Kanpai Planet, we’re filled with exhilaration for what the future holds. As of today, 2024 is already at 75% of our 2023 business. Our commitment to crafting bespoke and immersive travel experiences remains unwavering. We look forward to continuing to innovate, explore, and share the magic of Japan with you, whether through the bustling streets of Tokyo, the tranquil paths of Kyoto, virtually through the rich tapestry of flavours in a glass of meticulously crafted Japanese Whisky… and more.

The road ahead is lined with endless possibilities, and we’re eager to embark on this next chapter with you. Here’s to more adventures, more discoveries, and more moments that take your and our breath away.

From the bottom of my heart, domo arigatou gozaimasu. Kanpai, and We continue…

About Maction Planet

Maction Planet is a Travel and Apparel business based in Tokyo. They run private, fully-customised tours and travel experiences in Tokyo, and beyond. Guests have described them as “reinventing custom travel” in Japan. Since the launch of their website in February 2017, and growing their business away from solely ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations, Maction Planet is ranked in the top echelon of all Tokyo Tours on TripAdvisor, with over 290 5-star reviews – ahead of many long-established Tokyo Tour companies. They have developed a loyal fanbase, with over 3500 Instagram followers and 9000 YouTube subscribers.

To book yours, to purchase a gift card, or to join one of our online tours and experiences contact us at info@mactionplanet.com

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