Tokyo ON In the Mix: Summertime Magic Vol.2

Tokyo ON In the Mix: Summertime Magic Vol.2

The second volume of modern Japanese summertime classics from the World’s Greatest Metropolis, just for you!

Another hot selection of good vibes, chill beats and summer jams compiled by Tokyo ON host and Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong. The situation may have changed, but you’ll still feel the breeze, hear the waves and recall beautiful memories with this Japanese summer soundtrack spanning indie rock, hip-hop, R&B and more. We’re bringing back Summertime Magic!


  1. Anna Takeuchi – SUNKISSed GIRL
  2. sooogood! – Best Youth
  3. Pictured Resort – Fashion Smiling Man
  5. YAMORI – グッティン
  6. Chunky Cookie Club- ないものねだり
  7. tonun – 琥珀色の素肌
  8. HALF MILE BEACH CLUB – in the Windy City
  9. TOKYO HEALTH CLUB – 夢のような
  10. 鈴木真海子 – じゃむ (feat. iri)
  11. EVISBEATS – 今日は休みだ feat. 田我流
  12. CBS – All I Can Say
  13. Mega Shinnosuke – 兄弟 feat.クボタカイ
  14. gb – 泣いて泣いて泣いて
  15. kojikoji – VIBES
  16. WILYWNKA & Brasstracks – Our Style
  17. Ymagik – Oasis (feat. Rashel)
  18. D.Y.T – FLOAT
  19. Sala, Shin Sakiura – Together
  20. Zenya – Light Up
  21. DURDN – Vacation
  23. ぷにぷに電機, Mikeneko Homeless – ラスト・サマー
  24. GANMI feat. SIRUP – Feels Like Summer

Listen to ‘Tokyo ON In the Mix: Summertime Magic Vol.2’ here and check out the Tokyo ON website,

Check out Volume 1 of the Summertime Magic series here:

By the way, our featured image comes from the stunning Yuigahama!

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