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Tokyo ON In the Mix: New Soul Japan

Discover the new soul of Japan with Tokyo ON!

Warm up, chill out, and feel good with this mixed compilation of Japanese neo soul tracks featuring beautiful vocals, rich harmonies, modern beats, and jazzy highlights from the likes of XinU, sangdei, Sincere, Misato Ono, yonawo, and more. It’s all positive vibes, love, peace, and of course, soul.



  1. Rie Morris – In The Mirror
  2. XinU – オモイオモワレ
  3. Cikah – Melt Nite
  4. yonawo – After Party
  5. Sala Kurokawa – いいじゃん
  6. Hanah Spring – Nono Mama
  7. Sincere – All I See feat. Nenashi
  8. MoMo & Chocoholic – Keeps Coming Back
  9. aimi feat. Furui Riho – The Wave
  10. moeki – A Rainy Night in NY
  11. Sho Asano – Cruise Away feat. Kaoru Tominaga
  12. TOMMY HONDA – Today (feat. Summersoft)
  13. sangdei – Tightrope
  14. SARM – George
  15. salasa – Amber
  16. 笠原瑠斗 – 緩りらら
  17. Misato Ono – Small Talk
  18. Michael Kaneko – DRIVEAWAY feat. 藤原さくら
  19. SIRUP – Your Love

Listen to ‘Tokyo ON In the Mix: New Soul Japan’ here and check out the Tokyo ON website,

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