Tokyo ON In The Mix: Neo City Pop Vol. 5

Tokyo ON In The Mix: Neo City Pop Vol. 5

The fifth volume in our Neo City Pop series sees Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong deliver some top tunes to brighten your day!

Time for a long vacation! 90 minutes of modern city pop tracks from artists such as The Burning Deadwoods, Tokimeki Records, LAYRUS LOOP, evening cinema, THREE1989 and more. Enjoy the summer breeze, blue skies, white sand beaches and good vibes for whenever you need an escape from life.



  1. The Burning Deadwoods – Turn Me On feat. kiki vivi lily
  2. Tokimeki Records – 透明なガール -Dye me- (feat. ひかり)
  3. Pictured Resort – My Heart
  4. GOOD BYE APRIL – spring kiss
  5. BLU-SWING – ラストシーン
  6. CHiLi GiRL – 都会の森
  7. LAYRUS LOOP – ダンスフロア
  8. TAIKING – Space Traveler
  9. Amane TRiLL & T-Groove – Nagisa Lady
  10. アンニュイ・ホリデイ – 午後5時のサマーデイ
  11. Bellmainz – 笑ってほしいよ
  12. Mellow Youth – Vacation
  13. P.A.O – KOMOREBI
  15. Purple Drip – Summer Breezin’
  16. Solmana – Feelin’ So Good
  17. Schuwa Schuwa – WEEKEND
  18. Roomies – Higher
  19. Toki Asako – Mirrors
  20. 青山みつ紀 – In Your Driving
  21. Sala & A.G.O – Anyway
  22. Mega Shinnosuke – 10000回のL.O.V.E. <3
  23. luvis – sum÷mer
  24. DE DE MOUSE, SASUKE – プレ・ロマンス
  25. evening cinema – Rainy Talk
  26. THREE1989 – 夏ぼうけ

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