Tokyo ON In the Mix: Neo City Pop Vol.3

Another volume of modern Japanese neo city pop from the World’s Greatest Metropolis!

Mixed by Tokyo ON host and Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong, it’s perfect for cruising on the expressway, romantic encounters, impossibly blue skies and billowing white clouds, relaxing by the poolside under gently swaying palm trees, moonlight glittering on the sea, and of course, summer that never ends.


  1. 夢の続き – eill
  2. Plastic Love – Friday Night Plans
  3. Bubble – Mime
  4. 再会 – KIRINJI
  5. 悲しい自由 – BLU-SWING
  6. Love in TV World – Yukika
  7. totonoi – EOW
  8. Candy (feat. Hannah Warm) – Tokimeki Records
  9. Keep In Touch feat. SUMIN – SIRUP
  10. That’s My Baby (Midas Hutch Remix) – RiRi
  11. Come Together feat. iri (Vantage Remix) – TAAR
  12. impression – City Your City
  13. TROPICAL PLAYBOY – AATA & cunimondo takiguchi
  14. aloe – macico
  15. Zero Gravity – I Don’t Like Mondays
  16. summer rich – Dorian
  17. All Around The World – G.RINA feat. Asako Toki
  18. Empty Room for Two – asobi
  19. Lucky – Soulflex
  20. Hello, future day – Natsu Summer
  21. 永遠について – evening cinema

Listen to ‘Tokyo ON In The Mix: Neo Tokyo City Pop Vol.3’ here and check out the Tokyo ON website,

Check out Volumes 1 and 2 of the Neo City Pop series here:

By the way, our featured image comes from the stunning Taketomi Island in Okinawa, which you can check out here!

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