Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong brings the Future Bounce

Tokyo ON In The Mix: Future Bounce Vol.2

Maction Planet Radio is proud to present the second volume of Tokyo ON In The Mix: Future Bounce

Another volume of bouncy feelgood Japanese hip-hop/rap tracks mixed by Maction Planet Resident DJ Royce Leong for Tokyo ON featuring popular names such as WILYWNKA, Soulflex, SALU and JP THE WAVY alongside up and coming artists like Laya, Rei(C)hi, NOA, Rin音 and more.

If you need something fresh and fun to ride, vibe or jive to, we got you.


  1. Return of the Rap – WILYWNKA
  2. So Special (feat. Buddy) – Kick a show
  3. Someone Like You – Soulflex
  4. Minority – sloppy dim
  5. Excuse boy – Reichi
  6. Change my life – 韻マン
  7. Street Lights – Lazyy
  8. Learn (feat. PARISA) – Yo-Sea
  9. Lemonade (feat. Kenayeboi) – Rinoh
  10. YOUME (feat. RICK NOVA) – Laya
  11. LIKE I LOVE YOU (feat. Ninety6miles) – JP THE WAVY
  12. PURPLE – illmore
  13. 幽霊です – SUSHIBOYS
  14. 積乱雲 – okkaaa
  15. TAXI (feat. tofubeats) – NOA
  16. with U feat. eill (prod. PARKGOLF) – GANMI
  18. Snow Jam – Rin音

Listen to ‘Tokyo ON In The Mix: Future Bounce Vol.2‘ here and check out the Tokyo ON website,

To continue your musical journey, check out the first volume of Tokyo ON In the Mix: Future Bounce too!

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