Tokyo ON In the Mix: Adult Oriented Disco Vol.2

Tokyo ON In the Mix: Adult Oriented Disco Vol.2

Maction Planet Radio returns with some Adult Oriented Discoin the mix!

Another volume of modern Japanese soul and funk for discerning listeners featuring tracks by Softsoul, Q.A.S.B, EOW, Kroi, I Don’t Like Mondays and more. We call it ‘Adult Oriented Disco,’ but it’s guaranteed to make you get up and dance at any age!


  1. TERRITORY – Hiroshi Fujiwara
  2. Feel Like Feeling – kukatachii
  3. Brazilian Rhyme with T-GROOVE – YUMA HARA feat. Hanah Spring
  4. Can’t You See Me feat. Hiro-A-Key – Q.A.S.B.
  5. 7Shot – SANABAGUN
  6. 愛のデザイヤ – Natsu Summer & Early Summer
  7. Take Me (feat. カマタミズキ) – Softsoul
  8. ダージリン – 大比良瑞希
  10. High Times – Three1989
  11. KIDOU – EOW
  12. Physical – Tokimeki Records & Froya
  13. Curious (Kan Sano remix) – K
  14. Natsu no Memai – G.RINA
  15. Network – Kroi
  16. FIRE <Future ver> – I Don’t Like Mondays
  18. Fresh Go – SPiCYSOL
  19. No Pressure (Dr. Packer remix) – Fuminori Kagajo, Angela Johnson
  20. Limousine – DJ PIGER feat. AISHA

Listen to ‘Tokyo ON In The Mix: Adult Oriented Disco Vol.2’ here and check out the Tokyo ON website,

Looking for Volume 1 of Adult Oreinted Disco? Well, we’ve rebranded the ‘Love Unlimted’ mix series to ‘Adult Oriented Disco’ for the Tokyo ON YouTube channel!

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