Tokyo ON #065: Virtual Tokyo ON 2020

Tokyo ON #065: Virtual Tokyo ON 2020

Maction Planet Radio hosts the first-ever Virtual Tokyo ON Music Festival!

Everything’s cancelled this year, so we are more than making up for it by holding our first-ever virtual music festival! Featuring live performances by Homecomings, The Charm Park, Frederic, Dance for Philosophy, Suchmos, Official Hige Dandism and more, the only thing that’s missing is the overpriced curry rice and beer – but you may provide your own.

Crossing from Studio Coast to Yokohama Arena to the legendary Budokan, it’s as close to the festival experience as you could get in these troubled times.

Put your hands in the air, make some noise, and enjoy the impossible with Tokyo ON.


  • Triangle (Studio Live 2020 ver.) Special Others
  • Living Life (Live at Tokyo Kinema Club) – Homecomings
  • マジック (Live at Billboard Live) – The Charm Park
  • Oddloop (Live from Frederhythm Arena 2020) – Frederic
  • Japanese Style (2018 live at Studio Coast) – 夜の本気ダンス
  • おむかいさん (at Zepp Diver City) – Nakamura Emi
  • Supervenience (live at Studio Coast) – Dance For Philosophy
  • 808 from (The Live Yokohama Stadium) – Suchmos
  • 君のせい (Live ver.) – The Peggies
  • Stand By You – Official 髭男dism

Listen to ‘Tokyo ON #065: Virtual Tokyo ON 2020‘ here and check out the Tokyo ON website,

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