Mac, Marci and Ryan at Tiffany Cafe in Tokyo

This Week in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya -16 July 2019

Mac here. What a week! I’ve been guiding on average for 14 hours per day all across Japan. It has been so jam-packed that the five photos which we usually feature in each installment of ‘This Week in Tokyo’ will not cut it. This edition expands to include images from our expolartions in Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya. This week: Lunch at Tiffany’s; It’s all gone Pete Tong; Rikuro’s; Sumo on parade; Mario Party; Mimata Matsuri and Time to Say Goodbye. 

Thank you to our amazing guests for choosing Maction Planet. We continue… 

Featured image – Lunch at Tiffany’s: I spent three days with Ryan and Marci from Hawaii. This is my favourite pic of the three of us together, hanging out at Tiffany @ Cat Street.

It's all gone Pete Tong at the Four Seasons in Kyoto

It’s all gone Pete Tong: After a great night of baseball with Ryan, which he wrote about here, I grabbed the first Shinkansen the next morning to meet Susie, Juile and Mitchell in Kyoto. I joined them for breakfast at the Four Seasons and bumped into legendary DJ Pete Tong! They say never meet your heroes. ‘They’ are wrong!

Rikuro Ojisan Cheesecake in Osaka

Rikuro’s: Later that day we headed to Osaka, driven by a desire to try Rikuro’s jiggle cheesecakes. As always, they did not disappoint!

Sumo Wrestling in Nagoya

Sumo on parade: The next day Susie, Julie and Mitchell headed to Nagoya to feast on local delicacies and watch Day 5 of the 2019 July Basho in Nagoya. We watched some incredible bouts including a victory for 99kg man-of-the-people Enho!

Carl, Karen and family with Chris Nilghe from TDR Explorer

Mario Party: After Sumo I caught one of the last Shinkansen to Tokyo. The next morning I met Carl, Karen and family for two days of Tokyo explorations. On our second day we were met by Chris Nilghe from TDR Explorer. We are honoured that Maction Planet is the only Japan guiding organisation recommended by Chris. Thank you Carl and Karen for choosing Maction Planet!

Mimata Matsuri 2019 at Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo

Mimata Matsuri: Susie, Julie and Mitchell returned to Tokyo at the weekend and asked me to plan their final day in Tokyo. They enjoyed an incredible tea ceremony experience in the morning before I was able to join them for their final evening in Tokyo. We spent part of it at the 2019 Mimata Matsuri at Yasukuni Jinja watching Awaodori.

Goodbye to Susie, Julie and Mitchell Rice in Tokyo

Time to Say Goodbye: What an honour to have been part of the Rice family’s trip from when they got to their first hotel until their final evening. They even extended their trip to see more of this incredible country. I was so humbled to receive this message from them today: “Mac, Thank you so much for bringing Tokyo/ Japan to “life” for us! We are so appreciative that our paths crossed! Because of you, our trip was educational, insightful, delicious, exploratory, adventuresome, enlightening, exciting, academic, full of animals, full of laughs and, so much fun! We felt like you were a part of our family! Happily our trip home was easy. We are missing you and Tokyo and all of the wonderful animal cafes! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!”

We continue…

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