Geek Garage cycling shop in Nakameguro

This Week in Tokyo – 16 June 2020

Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, shares his adventures on his Maction-sanctioned socially-distanced walk around Nakameguro on Wednesday 10 June 2020 in this week’s ‘This Week in Tokyo’! 

Nakameguro, the chic residential district in southwest Tokyo, is best known for the cherry trees that line the Meguro River. The neighbourhood turns into a veritable party town when they bloom in late-March, but it is well worth a visit any time of the year. A high density of independent boutiques sell customized sneakers, specialist bikes and craft sake. Third-wave coffee roasters, craft beer taprooms and fabulous restaurant gems are tucked away in its narrow side streets.

Featured image: Cool bikes and brutalist architecture at Geek Garage.

Header image: The rightly-infamous Marinara from Da Isa 

Nakameguro street art on the way to Nakameguro GT

Nakameguro Street Art: These friendly figures greet on the way from the station to Nakameguro GT, the ‘Gate Town’ complex that towers over the neighbourhood.

Meguro River Cherry Trees in Nakameguro

Meguro River Greenery: These are all cherry trees, so you can imagine the site during Cherry Blossom season. Nakameguro has become one of the most popular hanami spots in Tokyo, for just reason. It does get ultra-crowded, so we prefer to take our guests to areas which are as spectacular but undervisited. However, as you can see, the view is beautiful in any season.

Girasole in Nakameguro

Girasole: Girasole opened in Togoshi Ginza selling imported Sicilian pottery in 1993, and moved to its present location along the Meguro River in 2004. As well as the ceramics, the shop strives for a market feel, selling Italian wines and ingredients. It’s a lovely store with a constantly changing selection of goods. Well worth checking out as you stroll along the river.

Komainu at Aobadai Kitano Shrine in Nakameguro

Kitano komainu: Tucked away in the backstreets of Nakameguro is the Aobadai Kitano Shrine. Like many neighbourhood shrines, it may look nondescript. However, there are always wonderful details to draw the eye. I absolutely love the komainu – lion-dog guardians – of the shrine. This chap is the male. You can tell by his possession of the ball of power. The female on the other side is looking after the baby cub.

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