“COSMIC GARDEN” by SANDRA CINTO installation at Hermes Tokyo

This Week in Tokyo – 14 July 2020

Welcome to the another multi-venue ‘This Week in Tokyo’! ‘This Week in Tokyo’ is a review of the Maction Planet week that was and a look ahead to what’s coming up in the city. Check out photos from our adventures and read insights into our explorations as we get under the skin of the World’s Greatest Metropolis, and beyond. This week’s edition is hosted by Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide. This week: ‘Cosmic Garden’ by Sandra Cinto; Social Distance; WE Road; Mekakushi Kit Kat and Online Okonomiyaki Cooking Class Success! 

Prior to last week’s edition of ‘This Week in Tokyo’ I spent the previous two months focusing on a single neighbourhood, for example Todoroki, Sangejaya or Nakameguro, or a specific location, such as Suitengu or Toyokawa Inari Tokyo Betsuin. This week, with Tokyo continuing to open up, I have continued to expand my wanderings and adventures while of course wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.

Featured and Header image – ‘Cosmic Garden’ by Sandra Cinto: Sandra Cinto presents her new exhibition ‘Cosmic Garden’ at the Ginza Maison Hermès’ ‘Le Forum’ exhibition space. The artist, who uses stars, crystals and waves as motifs, has created a site-specific installation that combines the flow of life with the universe’s space-time. Cinto has covered the floor and the walls of the Forum with different shades of blue. Thin white and silver-lined drawings, representing the universe and the sea, storms and sky, adorn the blue surfaces. The installation works perfectly in the Renzo Piano-designed building and together art and architecture create a breathtaking, immersive experience. 

‘Cosmic Garden’ was originally scheduled to be on display from 11 February until 10 May but this has been extended to 31 July due to the state of emergency than ran through April and May.

COVID-19 Social Distancing sign in Hiroo, Tokyo

Social Distance: A sign of the times, pun intended, in Hiroo.

WE Road in Ikebukero

WE Road: Zoshigaya Tunnel in Ikebukuro was built in 1925 and was recently renovated. It’s called the WE Road because it connects the Westside to the Eastside. Artist Shiho Ueda was given the commission for a new design. Work was completed in December 2019 and is a significant improvement on what was there before.

Misaki Tanaka 'mekakushi' Kit Kat packaging

Mekakushi Kit Kat: Artists Misaki Tanaka has created special packaging with new illustration designs and messages of love for the Kit Kat Chocolatory. 15 flavours as part of the deal, but it doesn’t show which flavour you have purchased for your beloved on the box. That’s why the series is called ‘mekakushi’, blindfolded.

Online Interactive Okonomiyaki Cooking Class

Online Okonomiyaki Cooking Class Success: On 12 July I co-hosted an interactive cooking class and talk show with Nahoko of ‘At Home with Nahoko’. It was a sell-out success. We were joined by budding chefs and Japan cultural enthusiasts from the US, UK, Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan itself. We have received some incredible feedback which made all the effort to promote and coordinate this event worthwhile! Thank you to all the participants for joining.

Maction Planet is planning to host more online events in future. If there is anything you want to see us tackle, drop us a line!

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