Infinity Mirror Room of Pumpkins by Yayoi Kusama

This Week in Tokyo – 13 November 2018

The latest edition of This Week in Tokyo – a review of the Maction Planet week that was and a look ahead to what’s coming up in and beyond the city. Check out photos from our tours and read insights into our explorations as we get under the skin of the World’s Greatest Metropolis. This week: Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Pumpkins; Nakamura-za Kabuki cocktails; Chrysanthemum carnage; Fun in Fussa and In-N-Out in Tokyo.

Featured Image – Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Pumpkins: The Yayoi Kusama Museum in Bentencho, Shinjuku is one of the hottest spots in town and impossible to get into without an advance purchased timed ticket… unless… well, we can’t reveal ALL our secrets. Suffice to say our guests on a specialist Tokyo Art Tour very much enjoyed the current exhibition ‘I Want You to Look at My Prospects for the Future: Plants and I’ on until February 28, 2019, which focuses on Kusama’s botanical-themed works. One highlight were the photography opportunities offered by the fourth floor Infinity Mirrors room. Thank you to everyone who helped make our visit possible.

Nakamura-za Kabuki cocktails

Nakamura-za Kabuki cocktails: Nakamura-za (中村座) was one of the three main kabuki theatres of Edo. It was founded in 1624 by Nakamura Kanzaburo I. Acclaimed kabuki actor Nakamura Kanzaburo XVIII opened their first temporary theatre in Asakusa’s Sumida Park back in 2000. It has since become (pretty much) an annual tradition. The Heisei Nakamura-za Theatre has toured the world but is now back in Asakusa behind Sensoji. This season they are commemorating the seventh anniversary of the death of legendary actor Nakamura Kanzaburo XVIII. Two long intervals in the afternoon performance allows time to head outside and grab these Nakamura-za Kabuki cocktails, if only for how cool they look!

Chrysanthemums at Meiji Jingu

Chrysanthemum carnage: Chrysanthemum (Kiku, 菊) season is in full swing in Tokyo. A flower imbued with huge significance in Japan, it is the seal of the Emperor and the Imperial family and various versions of it can be found on standards, official documents and Japanese Passports. Catch them at Meiji Jingu’s annual festival until 23 November 2018.

Fussa Ginza Shoueikai Art Matsuri 2018

Fun in Fussa: Artist Rankei is just coming to the end of creating an incredible live painting piece for the Third Ginza Shoueikai Art Matsuri in Fussa on Sunday 11 November. Read more about the off-the-beaten-track day out with our guests here and watch a video of music duo Double Sharp cover Makenaide by Zard at the festival here.

In-N-Out Pop-Up 2018 at Cafe Crowd

And finally – In-N-Out in Tokyo: 6 November was a great date in Tokyo history. On that day, a 4-hour In-N-Out Burger Tokyo Pop-Up was held. Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, was lucky enough to attend (dressed appropriately for the occasion) and wrote about the event here.

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