Mac, founder and lead guide of Maction Planet with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic flame

This Week in Tokyo – 10 August 2021

Welcome to ‘This Week in Tokyo’, a review of the Maction Planet week that was and a look ahead to what’s coming up in the city. Hosted by Mac, our Founder and Lead Guide, you can check out photos from our tours and read insights into our explorations as we get under the skin of the World’s Greatest Metropolis, and beyond! This week: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Flame; International Beer and Mead Days; Resident Evil Whisky and 15-year Japaniversary.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Flame: I picked a rainy, typhoon-y day to check out the Olympic Flame which was burning in Odaiba.

If you watched the Olympic Closing Ceremony without fully understanding some of the music choices, we’ve got you covered! Check out the latest episode of Tokyo ON:

Maniac Man from Nomcraft Brewing bought at Sakamichi Beer

International Beer and Mead Days: 6 August was International Beer Day, and 7 August was International Mead Day. Of course, I had to celebrate! Above is the wonderful Maniac Man Hazy IPA from Nomcraft Brewing via Sakamichi Beer. Kanpai! Below is the Whiskey Barrel-Aged ‘Rise and Shine’ from Wicked Way Mead. It’s the first-ever Japanese barrel-aged mead, and it’s a beauty. Kanpai!

Rise and Shine Japanese Mead from Wicked Way Mead

Resident Evil Whisky: It exists, and I reviewed it! Kanpai Planet is proud to present the world’s first review of the Glenfarclas 25 Year Cask Strength Whisky, released to mark the 25th Anniversary of Resident Evil, known in Japan as Biohazard. Fans of the games will spot several subtle, and some not-so-subtle, Easter Eggs! While you are watching, please subscribe to the channel and turn on all notifications to be the first to be notified about future content!

Mac at the Takasaki City Museum of Art

15-year Japaniversary: This week, I celebrated my 15 year anniversary of moving to Tokyo. A large ‘Arigato’ to everyone who has supported me and Maction Planet during this time. I wrote my now traditional annual reflections here. One question I repeatedly got was where I took the featured photo for that post. Well, it can now be revealed that it was at the Takasaki City Museum of Art. Here’s another one from that same photoshoot. The kanji says Warau, which means Laugh. I was laughing inside!

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