Outside NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

NEOLD Private House

I’ve visited 108 countries, and I’ve experienced all sorts of accommodation options on my travels. Sometimes, one of them affects me so much that I need to share it with the world. That’s what happened when I stayed at at NEOLD Private House in Yoshino.

Tucked away in the mountains of Yoshino, NEOLD can only be booked by one party at a time. It’s located near Mount Yoshino in Nara Prefecture, one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, famous for the thousands of Cherry Blossom that grace the mountain side.

Arriving at NEOLD I was immediately hit by the incredible architecture of the place. Its main building is a 100-year old house but, thanks to the attention it’s been given in its redevelopment to create NEOLD, it’s become much more than that.

Noh Stage at NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

One example is that the facility houses an authentic Noh Stage – I’m not making that up – constructed under the supervision of Noh performer Taichiro Nomura from the Izumi School.

During the Edo period, Noh gained popularity and Noh stages became a common sight within the personal gardens of elite society. Most of the rooms offer a view of the Noh stage giving guests a taste of the life of nobility back in the Edo period in Japan. This is part of the NEOLD philosophy – bringing cultural experiences from all over Japan to one location.

Inside the main building, the incredible design and beautiful geometry continues. This is the check-in desk…

Check-in desk at NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

… turn 180 degrees and this is what you are staring at:

Inside NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

NEOLD Private House has preserved several features from the original 100-year-old house, as well as incorporating a few extras! The grounds span around 2,100 square meters, and the main building includes a tatami-covered living area, and a sunken hearth next to a stone water feature, pictured above.

As I mentioned one of the NEOLD concepts is bringing cultural experiences to the residence, making it convenient for guests to have a number of great photo ops right where they are staying. Like this!:

Samurai experience at NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

Upstairs features a tatami bedroom, as well as a door out to the roof deck. A secret, second set of stairs will lead you to a hidden bedroom as well.

Exploring the facility is a real treat, with so many hidden details in every corner. Find the secret door to make a spectacular entrance to dinner!

Secret pole at NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

And speaking of dinner, what a treat! It’s included in the price of the stay (as is breakfast) and is a multi-course extravaganza created by your own private chef, Ogino-san. Each morning for him begins with a 40-kilometer drive to purchase the ingredients you’ll be feasting on, selected based on freshness and seasonal availability. In fact, some of the vegetables are grown and harvested by the chef and manager himself.

This sashimi was devastatingly good…

Sashimi at NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

… as was the sake. Considering the size of the venue, NEOLD has a incredible range of nihonshu.

Japanese Sake at NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

The main building offers a private open-air rotenburo which I enjoyed after dinner, before the need to sleep caught up with me.

The futons used in the main building were custom-made for NEOLD. I stayed in the the master bedroom, which is fitted with two semi-double luxury beds with mattresses from Serta.

Master bedroom at NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

More attention to detail – check out that wedding kimono. Absolutely stunning!

The detached main bedroom spans 41 square meters with a set of stone steps leading down to a basement bar.

Basement bar at NEOLD Private House , Yoshino,, Nara, Japan

Looks like I’ve found a new place to shoot some Kanpai Planet videos!

Overall the stay was devastatingly good, and I cannot recommend it enough. We continue…

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