Maction Planet Apparel teams up with Shochu.Pro for this great range of Tokyo T-shirts!

Maction Planet x Shochu.Pro T-shirts are here!

PRESS RELEASE: Maction Planet is proud to announce that it is has become the exclusive global distributor of Shochu.Pro apparel. This continues the ongoing collaboration of Maction Planet and Shochu.Pro, which began with providing bespoke Shochu and Sake experiences to Maction Planet Tokyo travel customers. They also recently worked together on the sold-out Maction Planet x Shochu.Pro Hanami.

“Love for Shochu is growing fast internationally” said Christopher Pellegrini, CEO of Shochu.Pro. “Shochu.Pro was created in 2013 to help people access Japan’s indigenous distilled drinks, shochu and awamori, and now this apparel allows people to show the love better than ever!”

“I am incredibly honoured that Christopher has chosen Maction Planet as his exclusive partner for Shochu.Pro apparel.” said Mac, founder of Maction Planet, which continues to revolutionize the custom travel experience in Tokyo. “We bring the same ethos to our apparel range as we do to our travel – uniqueness born from a deep love of The World’s Greatest Metropolis, and the variety of cultural and design elements which make it such a vibrant city.”

The launch range, available in Men’s/Unisex and Women’s styles at, and fully branded with exclusive Maction Planet x Shochu.Pro branding, features four designs:

Shochu Pro: Are you a Shochu Pro? Whether you are an established fan of Japan’s most popular spirit, or just beginning your journey of discovery, this T-shirt is a must have!

Shochu Shodo:  Shodo, the Japanese art of Calligraphy, meets Shochu, Japan’s most popular spirit, in this traditional design from Maction Planet x Shochu.Pro!

Elemental Shochu – Black: It’s Elementary, Dear Shochu drinker! This T-shirt is requisite apparel while drinking Japan’s most popular spirit. Check out this variant design with black Periodic Table lettering.

Elemental Shochu – White: A variant “Elemental Shochu” shirt with white lettering.

Plans are already afoot to expand the range, which sits alongside Maction Planet’s highly popular Tokyojin and KOKORO lines.
The T-shirts will retail for ¥2,990. As with all Maction Planet Apparel, international delivery is available.
For more information, or to book a Maction Planet x Shochu.Pro Shochu and Sake experience, contact

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