Maction Planet loves Yokohama

Mac, Founder of Maction Planet, waxes lyrical about how much he enjoys exploring Yokohama, Japan’s second city.

Yokohama does not get nearly as much love as it should. I feel it is often overlooked as a day trip option from Tokyo, losing out to more popular destinations such as Kamakura or Nikko.

This weekend I went to the Yokohama Museum of Art to see their current exhibition, ‘The People by Kisshin’. It was fantastic. Concurrent with this, they have an excellent selection from their permanent collection.

After a hard day viewing amazing art, it was time to eat, so I hit up Marimo, an excellent independent local ramen shop by the station. I chose their osusume, ‘the special’, which was their unique shio (salt) ramen. My verdict: Absolutely outstanding. 

Time for a brew: I checked out a couple of bars I had never visited before and found one serving one of my favourite beers in the world, Kona Brewing’s Big Wave Golden Ale, ON TAP for only ¥700 a pint during their happy hour! I also indulged in several glasses of Suntory’s The Premium Malts Kaoru Ale. Absolutely delicious.

Regardless of the fact that I often travel there with guests, every time I head to Yokohama I always end up saying to myself ‘I really should come here more often’!

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