Mac On Tokyo #001: Christopher Pellegrini

Maction Planet Radio‘s new show, Mac On Tokyo, brings you the characters which make Tokyo the World’s Greatest Metropolis. In our first episode, Mac chats to Christopher Pellegrini, ‘The Shochu Whisperer’, CEO of Shochu.Pro.

Chris is a true ambassador for Japan and its most popular home-grown spirit, shochu. He is an internationally recognized speaker and has presented at diverse events, from art shows to gigs.

Mac leads us on a journey through Chris’ life – from professional craft beer brewing in Vermont (before Chris was even old enough to legally drink alcohol!); to coming to Japan, becoming a Shochu Sommelier, launching The Shochu Handbook, Chris’ partnership with Maction Planet and his dreams for where shochu appreciation in the West can go.

Chris works together with Maction Planet to provide custom shochu experiences in Tokyo and beyond… introductions to shochu (and sake and craft beer), lectures, food pairings, all-you-can-drink evenings in some ultra-local bars… and, as they discuss in the show, they have even held shochu tastings at baseball games! Contact info@mactionplanet to arrange yours!

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