Maction Planet celebrates 150 TripAdvisor reviews for their Tokyo Private Tours

Maction Planet celebrates 150 TripAdvisor Reviews, all 5-star rated

PRESS RELEASE: Maction Planet is delighted to announce that they have reached 150 reviews on TripAdvisor, all rated ‘Excellent’, TripAdvisor’s 5-star ranking.

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site with over 660 million reviews and opinions covering the world’s largest selection of travel listings worldwide: approximately 7.5 million accommodations, airlines, attractions, and restaurants. At time of writing, Maction Planet is currently ranked 8th out of 328 Tokyo tour offerings listed on TripAdvisor.

“150 reviews is a huge number for us. This milestone is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and energy of everyone at Maction Planet and our collaborators,” said Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet.

“We are proud of the many contributions Maction Planet has made to maximize the value of people’s time in Tokyo and Japan. But we will not rest on our laurels. We will keep delivering service worthy of our 5-star ranking,” said Mac. “As I like to say, ‘We continue.’”

Nobody does it better

Maction Planet has been awarded a 2018 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. TripAdvisor gives a Certificate of Excellence to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travellers.

Guests continue to rave about Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, describing him as “the best tour guide we’ve ever had”, a “renaissance man” and “a breathing version of wikipedia” amongst other accolades.

“Reading the amazing feedback from guests is incredibly humbling. It motivates me to deliver even more. It is no secret that I want Maction Planet to be the number one tour provider and experience curator in Tokyo, and beyond, and the overwhelming comments from our guests are what drives us to continue to achieve this goal.”

Continued growth

The last few months have been a period of huge growth at Maction Planet, with the launch of our Pan-Japan Tours which were previously only available through word of mouth.

On top of all the guiding and touring, Maction Planet continues to bring Tokyo to the world in innovative ways.

“Maction Planet Radio has gone from strength to strength. We launched a new website,, to enhance the cultural experience offered by Maction Planet Radio and it’s flagship show, Tokyo ON. Our weekly feature on the Maction Planet blog, ‘This Week in Tokyo’, has gained a large following.” said Mac.

Whether you are a travel guest or apparel customer, a regular reader of our blog or a listener to Maction Planet Radio, a huge DOMO ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU for your support.

Highlights from recent reviews

“Mac blew us away, highlight of our trip to Tokyo: Mac has the best tour in Tokyo. Intimate, individualized, and informative. Chose your own adventure. Enjoyed secret spots for the best ramen and coffee. Hidden temples and gardens where we seemed to be the only people around. This was the highlight of our trip and that’s after lucking into a first class flight and having a blast at Tokyo Disney too! Thanks Mac!” –  Boxxbuilt

“Amazing Tour with Mac:… It was a perfect day. We learned so much, saw so much, and just had an all around wonderful day out in Tokyo. I can’t say enough good things!” – Stenogoddess B

“As always Mac’s consummate knowledge about, well, pretty much everything livened up the match. I got to pick his brain again about the corporate scene in Tokyo and his historical knowledge puts so much into perspective.All in all a great evening chatting, singing, eating, drinking, watching and learning. Go go Swallows!” –Xiaomai F

“Mac is wonderful!… I fully recommend him: he will be able to make just the perfect tour for you!” – Martina G

“Attack Tokyo with Mac!: For the Tokyo leg of our trip I decided I wanted the best tour guide I could find online. I had searched for maybe a month, reading reviews and blogs from various hosts and companies with personal drivers etc and why they should be chosen to guide us through Tokyo. I found that most other tours take you to key tourist spots which most people know about, but that’s about where it ends really. I wanted a more personalised Tokyo tour and eventually found Maction Planet. Got in contact with Mac and only took a few email exchanges I was able to secure Mac for a full day (12 hours) in July. Mac is also quick to respond to emails compared to other companies I dealt with. If I could take Mac with us all over Japan I would have! More importantly we never felt rushed… If I could have booked more days with Mac I would have.” – Rogoga R

“The Japan Fixer!; Mac helped plan an itinerary which meant we saw and experienced more than we could have imagined. He really cares about you not just having an OK time but having the best time possible. Having him with us was incredible. We couldn’t have imagined the trip without him. He manages to combine things very few people do – impeccable knowledge of the history, art, culture, sport and music of Japan in the context of the over 100 countries he has visited, and he is hilarious – he has a great sense of humour that compliments his intelligence. There was plenty of laughter along with the education. Some people call him the ‘Tokyo Fixer’ – We are upgrading him to ‘Japan Fixer’!” – Saphy P

“A tour guide who truly cares: I’m new to Tokyo myself so when my friends from LA said they were coming to visit, I turned to Mac. They wanted someone who speaks fluent English so they can easily communicate their needs. I would put them in the category of high-maintenance guests between their dietary restrictions, time and wants. He’s very knowledgeable of the city and took every opportunity to tell us stories and point out landmarks and history for us as we walk around. Stories that locals may not even know. He truly cares about each and every one of his guest and it’s important to him that they leave with the best Tokyo experience. He puts his heart into what he does and it shows. I have to say if you decide to hire Mac, let him design your tour and surprise you! Trust him and you’ll have the most unforgettable Japan experience. Thank you Mac! We love you!” – Winnie R

“Mac has an amazing if not uncanny ability to read people’s tour requirements with the minimal amount of interaction. Add this to his huge depth and breadth of knowledge of all things Tokyo (arts, culture, sport, history etc etc) his tours are unrivalled if you wish to be immersed into the real Tokyo.” – Jason W

“Mac had gleened from us all exactly the type of places we wanted to visit so perfectly. He also catered for our teenager studying Japanese as well as our love of genuine food. We are so grateful to have found him as he’s the best tour guide we’ve ever had. His knowledge of history, art, sport and fun conversations were unsurpassed.” – Clare W

“Amazing walking tour of Tokyo!: It was a fantastic experience!! I had never been to Tokyo before but the end of a single evening, we’d visited at least a dozen neighborhoods, had taken thousands of pictures, and I felt I was well prepared to continue exploring on my own. The evening was customized to my interests, and was exactly the experience I was hoping for! Mac is a highly knowledgeable tour guide, and a charming Brit with great sense of humor. I highly recommend this tour!” – CindyB3508

“A week’s worth of adventures in a day!: Mac is exceptional & also an amazing photographer ready to capture all your special moments. It was sad to say goodbye but there will be next time. Anyone in need of an easy, fun & adventurous time in Tokyo book Mac.” – Alicia L

“We were taken on a journey that we couldn’t have done on our own, or with anyone else. Mac is fun and accommodating, and so genuinely loves his adopted home. Invest in this experience – will change everything about your perception of this amazing city and it’s people.” – Sean T

“Expert Level Custom Tour: The very best way to see Tokyo through “local” eyes… I have done tours in all sorts of cities, including here. Mac’s tour is on a different level… Mac is a breathing version of Wikipedia. This really is a personal tour… If I had to pick a highlight of my tour, it was getting treated like a local at the baseball. Mac, and his crew of Japanese baseball fans (Go Go Swallows) welcomed us like brothers… Don’t hesitate, it’s the best money you can spend to get the most out of Tokyo…. and you’ll meet one of the most interesting guys you’ll ever meet.” – DCSGSGAUUSS

 “I enjoyed my tour with Mac so much last time I dragged friends from all over the world to celebrate my 40th in style with Mac as host/concierge/entertainment. His knowledge is vast and is is delivered in a hugely engaging way. This trip was totally different to the last – I think you could go back to Mac 100 times each would be refreshing and new. No generic tours here – the very definition of bespoke.” – Ben C

 “You can never ‘lack’ with Mac: As a teenager, I have to say Mac has been one of the highlights of our trip to Japan with my Dad. Somehow, when I first saw him I already knew we were in for one heck of an experience. This expectation did not falter… One of the best things about having Mac as a guide was going to a baseball game!… He wasn’t wrong when it would be in the top 3 highlights of the trip. Would recommend Mac to anyone who’s thinking of travelling to Tokyo and Japan. He’s knowledgeable, funny and makes efficient use of your time.” – StevieJet

 “The best way to see Tokyo with children: We came to Tokyo as a family of 7, including three kids (14, 11, 6 yo) and two grandparents. Mac has been amazing to work with through pre-trip planning and site seeing. Mac connected with each of us at a personal level and by day two – felt like a member of the family. He made it equally interesting and informative for 70+, 40+, teenagers. Our 6 year old said he wants to stay in Tokyo with Mac… I recommend Mac to anyone without hesitation and particularly if you are traveling with kids and concerned with making the trip fun and interesting for them.” – AB00001

 “This is the way to see Tokyo!: Mac is a fantastic tour guide. He’s smart, organized, efficient, knowledgeable, funny, and absolutely loves Japan…  Mac knows Tokyo and is really great at maximizing your time, stopping for sites en route to the main attractions. As I look back at my pictures I’m still shocked at how much we were able to see and do in just two days!… Give Maction Planet a try, you won’t be sorry!” – LizHWI

 “Exceptional Tokyo deep dive: With about 3 days notice, Mac pulled together a complete ‘surprise’ trip for me. I had 1 day free in Tokyo before meetings started, and told Mac I wanted to do what we all say we want to do…to “see something no one else would.” Mac didn’t just deliver; he overachieved. There were parts of Tokyo and experiences that we had over 10 hours that would have taken me months of planning to even get close to approximating. Mac is a renaissance man; his knowledge of the world and his passion for exploring is contagious… Don’t walk, don’t run, don’t hesitate to book with Mac. You will never regret doing it; you’ll only regret not doing it!” – Aaron G

“YES YES YES: With only a vague description of what we were interested in seeing, Mac crafted one of the most amazing days of travel for us. In addition to having an endless depth of knowledge on Japan/Japanese culture, Mac is genuinely fun to hang with. Would absolutely recommend to anyone visiting Japan.” – Ethan K

“He is the best. Best tour guide I’ve ever had. Must use him he had us hit all the spots. Really nice and knowledgeable would recommend him to anyone in the world” – Jordan L

 “Mac custom tailored sights and scenery to what I wanted to see and learn about. Mac matched me with Yayu who gave me an amazing tour and some incredible tips. She was an absolute pleasure to cruise around Tokyo. Thank you Mac and Yayu!!!!!” – Chris W

 “THANK YOU MAC… Never have two ladies of a certain age felt safer and more comfortable zipping around the shrines, temples, and side streets of amazing bustling Tokyo. Nobody does it better… thanks again” – charlottenelllennie

“In just two days, Mac not only showed us the most important sites, he shared the less touristy hidden gems. He takes great pride in providing an experience that isn’t covered in a guide book. I also like the fact that Mac is British… His love for Tokyo and the Japanese lifestyle is evident. Mac’s perspective comes with an appreciation of western culture providing for very engaging discussion. Mac custom tailors every request and plans his routes so they maximize every minute together. There is no doubt you’ll want to a book a private tour with Mac. ” – TripsalotFlorida

“Our journey actually started on the wrong foot when by the chance of one to a million my luggage got taken by mistake by another tourist on the train from the airport. Mac helped us report it to the authorities, and helped us find temporary replacements for the clothes that were lost (which was not easy because of my size), and also eventually helped us find the person who took it and convince him to get it back to us… He is more than just an amazing tour guide that truly loves the city, but also an intelligent and witty and friendly person to travel with.” – yaelako

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About Maction Planet

Maction Planet is a Travel and Apparel business based in Tokyo. They run private, fully-customised tours and travel experiences in Tokyo, and beyond. Guests have described them as  “reinventing custom travel” in The World’s Greatest Metropolis. Since the launch of their website in February 2017, and growing their business away from solely ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations, Maction Planet is now ranked in the Top 10% of all Tokyo Tours on TripAdvisor, with 100% 5-star reviews – ahead of many long-established Tokyo Tour companies. They have developed a loyal fanbase, with over 3500 Instagram followers.

Maction Planet Apparel

Maction Planet Apparel designs unique T-shirts inspired by Tokyo. They work with world-renowned artists and designers, such as Livio Ramondelli, Matt Frank and Marika, and have collaborated with top Tokyo brands such as Ramen Adventures and Shochu.Pro.

Maction Planet Blog

The Maction Planet Blog presents anything and everything to do with Tokyo. In the past, it has addressed subjects such as the origins of the names ‘Edo’ and ‘Tokyo’, introduced 10 of Tokyo’s oddest museums and spotlighted the history of Kakigori. It has connected a Japanese proverb with an obscure insane avant-electropop underground duo from the 80s and exposed what the Tokyo locals are doing. Their “Mac on Tokyo” interviews with the characters which shape The World’s Greatest Metropolis are highly popular. They also tackle the important questions, like “Where do Pikachus go when they finish dancing?”

Maction Planet Radio

Maction Planet Radio was launched to bring the sounds of The World’s Greatest Metropolis to listeners around the world. Their flagship show is Tokyo ON, hosted by Maction Planet’s Resident DJ Royce Leong, with frequent guest appearances by Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet. Together, they spin tunes from a diverse range of Japanese artists, embellished with entertaining cultural commentary. To complement the radio show we recently launched the Tokyo ON website, with more content including a vast library of podcasts, DJ mixes, music articles and artist interviews to increase understanding and awareness of Japanese music as well as enhance the experience of Maction Planet Tokyo Private Tour guests.

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