Book early to avoid disappointment: A Tokyo tour with Maction Planet could be the best day of your life, as the cap says!

Book early to avoid disappointment

The phrase “Book early to avoid disappointment” is bandied around a lot in the travel industry. It is used so often that even that cliche, prefaced by “I know it’s a cliche but…”, has itself become a cliche.

Many companies and websites use a number of tactics to create a sense of urgency that you should immediately lock in whatever tour/holiday/hotel room you are looking at. is especially adept at this, with a flurry of information bombarding you as you navigate around the site, such as “5274 people are looking at this hotel right now”, “Last booked 0.0003 nanoseconds ago by a dog from Greenland” and “Only half a room left”.

In the case of Maction Planet however, this oft-used expression is becoming a truism.

Thanks to the humbling reviews written by our wonderful guests and the amazing word-of-mouth recommendations they have given we are continuing to see inquiry levels increase on a daily basis.

While I truly believe that every day is a great day to be in the World’s Greatest Metropolis, Cherry Blossom season and Autumn in Tokyo continue to be the peaks for travel here. In fact, we already have bookings for dates in March and April 2019, and beyond.

We have recently received some inquiries where, after finding out that a requested day is busy, the inquirer has asked if they could join the tour running on that day. Sadly, this is not possible. We run private, fully-customised tours of Tokyo and beyond. As such, joining another group is not possible except for during our Baseball Tours.

This is not to say that last-minute bookings can’t happen. We work seven days a week to make sure we can accommodate as many guests as possible. Even if a day is partly booked, there is often the possibility of doing an evening tour where we can enjoy food, drink, a number of different neighbourhoods and the amazing nightlife of Tokyo. However, we much prefer our guests arrange things as early as they can for maximum flexibility.

If you have specific dates in mind, want to do a block of multiple days, or would like to join one of our All-Japan Adventures, we suggest, dare I say it, that you book early to avoid disappointment.    

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