Highlights from the 35th Anniversary Hakuho-sha Shodo Exhibition

Hakuho-sha, established in 1982, is devoted to introducing contemporary expression into Kanji and Hiragana shodo (calligraphy) and supports those calligraphers engaged in this endeavour. Since their founding they have exhibited their work at the Modern Poetry, Mainichi Shodo Exhibition. Their 35th anniversary exhibition takes up two salons on the third floor of the National Art Centre Tokyo, providing a comprehensive overview of modern Japanese calligraphy. The exhibition is well worth visiting and is free to enter. If you are lucky, you may even win your own calligraphy brush in the lottery they offer on entry! If the diverse works on display have inspired you, art supplies are on sale so you can begin your journey to one day displaying your own work in a future exhibition.

We present selected highlights from the 35th anniversary exhibition below. Enjoy! 








The 35th Anniversary Hakuho-sha Shodo Exhibition is on show at the National Art Centre, Nogizaka, in Salons 3A and 3B from 13th December to 25th December 2017. Admission is free.

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