20 Photos of the Cosmos

No Filter, No Photoshop… just 20 amazing photos of the Cosmos taken by Mac, Founder and Lead Guide of Maction Planet, on his trusty Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Injustice Edition, for those Otaku out there).

Cosmos blooms in Japan signal the start of Autumn. A member of the sunflower family, they are one of the easiest seed to grow in the world! The petals can grow in single or double formation. They are quite a resilient flower, and can grow on infertile land as long as they get a lot of sunshine. As you can see from some of the shots below, they are adept at making sure they get it!

In Tokyo, Cosmos blooms from mid-September to mid-October. Showa Kinen Koen in Tachikawa is a great place to view them, with a number of different species in abundance. Picotee, Sunset, Kibana, Double Click Rose Bonbon, Colared, even Chocolate Cosmos Chocomoca (we are not making that up!).

Outside of Cherry Blossom season, many people still do not associate nature with Tokyo. At Maction Planet, this is a perception we are trying to change. Our Tokyo Private Tours take in the parks and gardens of The World’s Greatest Metropolis. And you do not have to travel far to get views like the ones below – we went from our guests’ hotel to our first snaps of Cosmos in 50 minutes, door-to-blooms!

All photos are taken for the benefit of our guests, and shared with their permission.  Enjoy!

Maction Planet’s Tokyo Private Tours and Bespoke Experiences are fully-customised to our guests’ interests. If you want to make nature your focus, there are no shortage of options in The World’s Greatest Metropolis –  Vibrant parks, Bonsai villages, seasonal blooms and amazing historic gardens. You can enjoy amazing scenery at Sake Breweries and of course hiking in the mountain ranges around Tokyo. And, for those who want a completely different perspective on Tokyo, you can take it all in from the water on a Tokyo Boat Tour

Autumn Leaves, Koyo, are coming very soon! To incorporate the best spots to view them into your Tokyo Private Tour, contact us at info@mactionplanet.com

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