10 candid Tokyo shots from ‘Sandman: 24 Hour Diner’ director Evan Henderson

Evan Henderson, director of Sandman: 24 Hour Diner, was a guest of Maction Planet last year, and enjoyed a multi-day Tokyo Private Tour with friends which included superstar comic book artist Ken Lashley. As part of a recent ‘Mac on Tokyo’ world-exclusive interview, he promised to share his favourite photos from his time in The World’s Greatest Metropolis. They capture many of the diverse sides of the city – the architecture, gardens, bright lights, the people, and the amazing dogs! Here they are, with commentary. Enjoy! 

1. Enjoying a blurry but joyous night making friends and pounding back the sake in Golden Gai. (Featured image above)

2. Admiring the beautiful architecture in Shinjuku.

3. In front of Harujuku Station. I’m allergic to dogs, and this little guy made me suffer the consequences of petting him.

4.  Enjoying the sheer beauty of Meiji Jingu Shrine. Ken looks triumphant while George is clowning around. We had a great time.

5. The ramen chef laughing at our naive but honorable decision to choose the highest spice level for our bowls. Bring it on.

6. Ken Lashley posing with a fan at the 2016 Brave and Bold Artist Alley Event, making people’s day. Mac from Maction Planet, who supported Ken at the event, is eyeing the best pieces for his future art collection in the background.

7.  I loved my time at the Robot Restaurant, it’s like candy for the eyes. This is as spoiler free of an image as possible, but it gives you a sense of the place: beautiful insanity.

8. The incredible view from the Tokyo Skytree. Tokyo truly goes on and on.

9. George posing outside the Robot Restaurant. I love the neon.

10. The serene and quiet Imperial Palace East Garden.

The Tokyo experiences Evan’s photos depict were part of a fully-customised multi-day Tokyo Private Tour he did with his friends, which included comic book legend Ken Lashley. We are proud that we develop close relationships with our guests over the course of their travels, and are happy to lend our support to their projects, especially when they are as awesome as Evan’s ‘Sandman: 24 Hour Diner’ film. To begin your journey to your perfect, personalised time in The World’s Greatest Metropolis, contact us at info@mactionplanet.com

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